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Welcome to Wellness+Connections. We are so glad you are taking some time to visit our website. Here’s a quick explanation of how the entire W+C community is here in support of your journey towards better health, improved fitness and increasing abundance. Quick Connect

Online, On-Time & In-Person

There are 3 primary ways Wellness+Connections comes alongside you on your journey:

  1. Online ~ Sign up for one of our free online webinars to learn more about an abundance of pathways to wellness.
  2. On-Time ~ telephone, zoom video or private studio tour and orientation to offer education on the general and potential benefits of fitness, nutrition, juice cleansing, infrared sauna, acupuncture, cleaner air and clean alkaline water
  3. In-Person ~ experience our exclusive Retail Shop featuring fresh organic juices, doctor’s only supplements, air & water machines, super foods and more. Join the Private Wellness Club & Spa featuring our professionally staffed fitness, movement and yoga classes, professionally assisted stretching, infrared heat sauna and medically supervised intravenous vitamin infusion center (coming soon). Members can relax in the W+C private lounge/cafe after your sessions. We are located at Coastal Plaza in Lewes, Delaware (18388 Coastal Hwy. Suite 10).
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“It’s your wellness. We’re here to help YOU discover it.” Wellness+Connections

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