W+C Fitness

Have you ever imagined the ideal fitness experience? The W+C Fitness program is based on movement… your movement… but that’s not all. Picture a spa-like environment where it’s not only peaceful, but refreshing and connecting too. You see we are also a juice bar so there’s no need to leave for your best recovery inputs. Grab an organic raw home-made cashew nut milk protein smoothie and relax in our lounge… by yourself or with a friend. Browse our boutique for fitness apparel, supplement and skin care or enjoy an après-class infrared sauna. This is what you dreamed about when you made the decision to be fit, but instead of punishing yourself… every class is… well… moving.

Wellness+Connections is pleased to announce our association with Andrea Kennedy. Andrea has been a sought-after fitness and yoga instructor in Southern Delaware for years. Andrea’s friendly and caring approach to your unique needs not only produce results, but forms a partnership in your wellness. Many of Andrea’s classes are filled to capacity, but new opportunities are on the horizon, so please reach out to us by phone, text or email and we’ll help you connect with Andrea and make the move your body wants.

In addition to her popular yoga practice, Andrea is also certified in teaching the Melt Method. In your Melt Class you will massage and hydrate your body’s tissue which has been known to improve joint health. Strengthen your core, improve balance and get your body’s hydration moving with your very first Melt Class. Andrea also offers online classes. For more information about Andrea and W+C Fitness, visit www.theyogastudio24.com or reach out to us.

Wellness+Connections (302) 703-3092 (call or text) mail@wellnessconnections.net