Why Wellness+Connections?

Do you want higher energy, a healthier body and more time to enjoy the people you love?

Dear Friend,

We all share one thing in common.  Everyone wants to be healthy and feel youthful.  At Wellness+Connections® our goal is simple – to make feeling great an enjoyable journey.  For too long we’ve been convinced that to be strong and healthy we have to suffer – “no pain ~ no gain”.  Many people are convinced that maintaining a healthy weight means denying ourselves the best life has to offer.  It’s simply not true.

If you take a look at the “wellness” businesses in your community, you will encounter a variety of valuable alternative options from physical fitness such as yoga, pilates and crossfit to therapies such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine.  Even conventional medical practices are starting to brand themselves as “wellness companies”.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

The cornerstone of Wellness+Connections® is real, live, raw, organic nutrition.  Due to the challenges associated with producing a continuous supply of fresh, raw juices and foods (no preservatives and no HPP pascalization), most businesses entirely avoid being in the live nutrient business.  It’s simply too much trouble for most wellness companies to offer fresh fruits, vegetables, delicious meals and healthy snack. Everyone benefits from live nutrition to assist in healing and strengthening of your body and at the core of W+C is our fresh, raw and organic kitchen.

Introducing The Private Wellness Club Concept

Imagine a private fitness club, but one where you can enjoy the best in organic, plant-based, gluten free, juices and Super Foods following your workout. You can grab-and-go, or picture yourself relaxing in a peaceful, clean and luxurious club atmosphere.  On top of that you have access to a wide variety of healthy products, services and healing modalities via our Connections+Counter™ (your very own wellness concierge).  Browse our full line of exclusive doctor-only line of supplements, custom superfood smoothie blends, beauty and body care, and medically supervised vitamin infusion center (coming soon). Enjoy our in-house infrared sauna treatments and professional instructor-led Pilates and barre classes or sign-up for your own professionally assisted stretching therapy session. Wellness+Connections® is literally “next level” in helping you to be your best.

Our 3-part Pathway To Wellness is based on:

1) Increased awareness of your personal health journey.

2) Improved access to innovative wellness options that you deem as well-suited to your life.

3) Enabling personal accountability in a supportive community that comes alongside during your journey.

If a private club & spa where an organic, nutrient-based approach is surrounded by a first-class fitness community employing health-focused modalities designed for personal empowerment sounds like where you’re headed, then Wellness+Connections® is the destination for you.  Call for your private appointment and organic wellness spa tour today. 

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